Wednesday, December 26, 2012

G.01: Tourniquet

A #G Major Production by Sorbesque.

The Prosper Room is the place to be tonight in the town of Bridgeport. Men and women, young and the young at heart, showing up in a crowd ready to raise the roof.

Those who are looking for a hook up is in the right place. 

And those who enjoy mixes of drinks or just came to drink their sorrows away, will waste their night till the break of dawn buying several rounds.

 Things in the club are running as it normally would until...

The scene was shocked by a sudden accident. It all happened too fast, and it was quite dark despite the blinking and blinding strobe lights.

Nobody knew what was going on. It was confusing at first.

Soon, people realized the cause of the outburst. A girl had fell on the dance floor. And looked pretty much lifeless.

Almost immediately, a man claiming to be a doctor, made his way towards the body and attempted to find out if she is still breathing.

And thank God, she is!

The doctor propped the girl up off the floor and commanded for someone to quickly call the ambulance.

More and more people were getting curious and surrounded the scene, making a ruckus. Plenty of uncertain speculations were made over what had happened.

It was getting a little too suffocating with all the people squeezing up around her.

"She can't stay here," the doctor called out. "Is there a room we can move her to? We need to give her some air."

"Th-There's the lounge upstairs," suggested the bartender, who was as busy body as everyone else. And he thought it was the right moment to step in and maybe gain credits out of this. "We can take her there."

Carefully positioning the girl in his arms, the doctor started to carry her away from the crowd as the bartender led them to the said lounge.

While a suspicious character left the scene without anybody suspecting.