Monday, November 12, 2012

2.28 Description

After almost a year, the construction of the Vanglorious' House was about to complete. Hayden always finds it unbelievably huge whenever she recalled how small the blueprints had made it seemed.

The family just moved into the house last month after Hayden graduated from high school. They had been crashing in Cyclone's apartment for quite some time while waiting for the house to finish.

Everything is partially done by now. A little wiring, some finishing paints and landscaping were all that's left to settle. Not to mention furnitures... Loads of them. 

But that can wait.

Walking into her room, Hayden was greeted by the warm fragrant of Sandalwood. While the house smelled like sawdust and cement, her mom made sure that at least the bedrooms were ready for them to live in.

Hayden loved the smell of this new home. She was told that the scent reminded her mom of the family that once were.

Usually by the time she returns home from her part-time job, her dad, Uncle Cyclone and Jesse are in the backyard, doing the outdoor tiles, grass patches and so on.

But this time, she heard another familiar voice. And her curiosity paced her towards the window.

Looking out, as expected, she saw someone else was with them.

But it was too hard to get a proper look. Plus, the person had his back turned.

Even so, something tells her, it's him. - He's probably back from Twinbrook by now as he, too, had finished high school as well.

Hayden retreated to her desk, trying to figure out what's happening. She started to get a little panicky. Obviously, he's waiting for her to come back from work, right? Otherwise, what else he's here for?

"We don't need to write to each other anymore, you know," Helmut entered her room and closed the door behind him.

Hayden almost shrieked but she managed not to. "Helmut! It's you..."

"Hey, Heidi," he walked towards her with a desire to pull her in his arms but then he suddenly forgot how to react. 

Instead, it transitioned to a halfway hug and an awkward pat. "I thought I'd drop by to see you."

Good thing the clumsy reunion didn't turn her off. She just smiled the awkwardness away and greeted him back. 

"Uhm... Sorry to hear about what happened to your mom," he tried to start off with courtesy concerns. "I hope she's feeling okay now. How is she?"

About three months ago, Hayden wrote to him that Ashton had some difficulty during delivery and as much as the doctors had tried their best to save both her mom and the baby, only Ashton survived. It was a close call.

"Thanks for asking but there's nothing to worry about," Hayden assured him. "In fact, she bounced back pretty fast. She's doing really great!"

"Good to know that," Helmut responded.

"She's been swimming a lot, and took dancing classes," Hayden continued. "She's even my regular spa customer! And don't even get me talking about her shopping spree, all she shop for these days are lingeries!"

"Now that you mention it," Helmut's tone changed. His real side is showing. "I have to be honest, I'm not looking at your eyes this whole time."

"Do you wanna go outside?" Hayden instantly felt uncomfortable.

"I scared you, didn't I?" Helmut said. To him, it was more of a fact instead of a question.

"Yes," she replied as briskly as her steps led her out of her room.

Helmut took Hayden to the Town Center and despite the earlier cold reaction from her, it didn't take him long to make her warm up to him.

And these lovebirds can't keep their hands off each other the whole time.

"What's the matter?" Helmut asked, slightly troubled by her sudden withdraw.

"It's getting dark," she reasoned. "I should probably head back."

"Alright, let me send you," he said, still wrapping his hands around her.

All the way back home and up till her doorstep, Helmut had made several plans for both of them. Starting from surveying which college to go together, to roadtrips, gigs and simply to the movies.

He had it all arranged so that they won't be apart from each other anymore.

"I'll see you tomorrow?" he whispered.

"Sure," she whispered back as he leaned in towards her.

While doing so, Helmut caught a glimpse of Ashton's fetching figure standing far off in the kitchen, and that changed everything.

"Holy Fish!" Helmut blurted. "I can't believe your mom's a MILF!"

"What did you just say?!" Hayden almost screamed when she pushed him off her.

"Gosh, I'm so sorry, Heidi," he immediately apologized for being distracted. "I didn't really mean it that way. Please don't get mad."

"I know you," she exclaimed. "You meant every word you said; M-I-L-F, word for word. - I can't believe you said that!"

"Okay, I meant it," he tried to explain. "But I swear, Hayden, I really meant it as a Description. Not a Desire. - Please. Believe me."

"I don't wanna hear a word you say," she cut him off sternly. "You crossed the line."

Helmut tried to calm her down but Hayden was still furious at him. And she seemed to want to remain unbudged. 

Finally, he turned his head away and let out a heavy sigh... followed by a grumble.

"Fine, then," he retorted. "Stick to your accusations all you want. Why am I even apologizing?"

"What's going on here, darling?" Ashton appeared at the front door. Concerned by the youngsters.

"Nothing, Mrs. V," Helmut briefly smiled at her as he turned away from Hayden. "I was just about to leave."

Helmut muttered several things under his breath as he left, while Hayden stomped past her mom and into the house, enraged.

"Is everything okay, dear?" Ashton came back in, wondering what had happened between the two.

"Nothing!" she yelled irritatedly. "He's an IDIOT!"