Saturday, January 26, 2013

2.29 Treaty

This is Helmut Morris. The love child of Stiles McGraw, a celebrity rock star, and Monika Morris, a diner waitress.

Nobody knows where he gets it, but Helmut is evil since birth.

But apparently, he had a fight with his girlfriend a couple of nights ago and he has been so distracted as of late.

He tries to apologize with a love letter today. He's very passionate about what he wrote even though he has a tiny doubt that Hayden will still be mad at him.

He added that he’ll be waiting for her tonight; if she forgives him, that is.

He’s too anxious, he can’t concentrate on his part time job. He can't wait to go home.

He even waited outside.

A cab pulled over in front of his doorstep. And he felt really happy to know who arrived.

Hayden came out shortly and he casually stepped down from the foyer.

"I almost thought you'll never show up," he wrapped his arms around her without a doubt. "Does this mean you forgive me already?"

"I forgive you," her lips curved into a smirk. "But don't think I'll let you off that easily next time."

"Good," he held her tight till her body was against his. "Cause I'm not letting go of you either."