Sunday, November 4, 2012

**Roofing is harder than I thought**

Okay, it's been 2years since I took a break from Vanglorious Legacy (not exactly two, if you look back, there's 3 more days left for a full two, so yeah, hint hint). Therefore, I ain't gonna re-go-through the details on why the V-Legacy was on hiatus. 

Two years was a long stretch, and the way I simmed changed a lot too.

Presenting the new abode!

When I finally had every CAS-CC traced for the V-Legacy, and I'm very happy with that, it was time to build their actual home. I sledgehammered and sold every single belonging they had on the lot cause I don't feel so sentimental about their first tub or painting or whatever. 

Cause I needed the fund, so everything must go. - No motherlode for this legacy.

Immediately when I started the game, the parents received a free vacation out of nowhere; to somewhere, so it was just the kids when I was building the new house.

I have not furnished the lot just yet, so there is no kitchen, no dining areas and such, but Hayden seems to be well prepared for the no-parents-home-while-house-on-renovations thing. I have no idea how did the picnic basket got into her inventory cause the last time I checked, I sold everything.

Except their homework, of course.

I had ways to get them food, you know. Like dropping by the gym's free pantry or call the pizza! But no, Hayden had a basket of food. So they're all good.

The last time I simmed on V-Legacy, I was on Ambition and Fast Lane; and Shadow People. Today I have up till Showtime and Diesel. And I don't know where this Tell Ghost Story interaction came from... probably Generations if I guessed right.

I have Supernatural, but I'm not installing it just yet, because...

I'm not quite ready for a Zombie invasion. - So far, I've only seen previews from producer's trailers. But really, yeah, Vampires and Pets are already a lot to handle. So the other life states in Supernatural can wait... -

Till Seasons. Haha!

Okay, I lied. 

I have only ONE more CC to trace and that is the Default Replacement for their eyes. I lost it. And I have no idea who's the creator.

I am still tracing and testing every defaults I see fine. If you can help me, that would be awesome. Here's Ashton on her default replacement. She's probably a green eyed. I'm pretty sure it's green. If not, a grey (sorry, I forgot!).


And who knew roofing can be so tough! I think I just leveled up on Roofing Skill alone. One don't just simply slap a roof on top of a house. Easier envisioned than done. 

Trust me, I get frustrated a lot just to get that simple looking roof. Especially with non-symmetrical spaces and protruding windows. Don't get me started on diagonal roofs. I'll tackle that next time.

Landscaping can be done after Connor receives his book royalties. So that's all for now. See you in the next chapter!