Tuesday, August 28, 2012

S.001: Sorbet Cameras

Hi. You're probably surprised to see an update after almost a year on hiatus. Well, it's an update alright but it ain't what you're expecting. I've been waiting for the Vanglorious new chapter just as much as you do. But I have a perplexed expression not because of the site's inactiveness or anything.

Oh, hey there, my name's Kiiro Tokumaru. Just call me Kiiro.

I am actually a bit indecisive about whether or not I should get a tattoo. The artist had some wild designs that are quite trendy but nothing strikes my fancy. 


This is the eleventh time I walked out of a tatts shop. Guess there's still next time for me to decide. It's not that I'm dying to get one anyway.

I should probably head home now. Saku would be furious if we're late for dinner.

This is Sakurei Yoshioka. Everybody calls her Saku. I hate to be at home when she's cooking. Cause she'll hum YUI's Summer Song which is kinda annoying when it goes on and on forever.

If only she had a mute button.

Luckily, she was about done when I got home.

"Okaeri," I blurted.

"Ah, tadaima, Kiiro," she chirped. "I'm almost done cooking, could you be a darling and find Haagen? He's supposed to be back by now. It's getting late."

Gah, and to think the humming was my only problem.

"You're pretty unoccupied," I glared at a certain bloke who keeps his butt at home all day long. "Why don't you be a darling and get that kid home instead? God knows where he went."

"Kiiro, don't say that," Saku mumbled something but as usual, it fell on deaf ears.

This Russian is called Chenkov. Don't ask me his actual name. I don't even bother to know. He acts all mighty like nothing scares him but everybody knows he gets nervous about outdoors ever since he had an accident during one of his travels.

"He'll be back soon enough," he calmly assures.

"Well, easy for you to say," I grumbled. "It's not like you're the one who have to look for him in the end." 

"He said he'll be at the playground," Chenkov continued reading his newspaper. The same paper he's been reading since breakfast. I wonder what's taking him too long.

"Really now?" I muttered.

"Or the lake," Chenkov didn't meet my glare. "Who knows."

"Gah, you're hopeless," like it or not, I'm still the one who needs to find that little twerp.

That kid should be kept on a leash. He darts around from one place to another like some kinda Chipsmore.

That 'now you see him, now you don't' kinda stuff, y'know. 

That kid is trouble, I tell you. I wonder why we adopted him anyway. If you must know, Haagen Blake-Cullen is not your average eight year old.

Have you heard of those Cullen vampire stories? I secretly think he's related although he's completely human. Not that I believe in super power vamps or anything. - Just a speculation.

"I'm baaackk!" Haagen announced.

"Great, there you are," Chenkov got to the door. "Now go wash your hands. Dinner's almost ready."

"Aye aye, sir!" he deliberately wiped a sniff.

"Didn't you see Kiiro on your way back?" Saku asked worriedly. "He went to look for you."

"I'm sure he's on his way back," Chenkov said in between mouthfuls.

"Nope," Haagen blurted. "Didn't even bump into him."

"The food is getting cold," Saku sighed.

But they continued eating anyway.


This is ridiculous. I've searched all over the place and he's nowhere to be seen. One kid says he's there, another says he's here. Where exactly is that twerp?!

And is it me? Or is the big ol' clock dead?

I haven't been out that long have I?


Definitely dead. Town Council should do something about it. So not cool.