Tuesday, August 2, 2011

G.XII: Gone with the Wind

She spends most of her time in the far side of the little village, beneath the shades of overgrown trees and of the rippling waters of an abundant well.

Like a refuge hiding in a sanctuary, the far side well was where she sought for solace.

But after Vingcanti came along, Lena was no longer alone. She finally could share her favorite spot with someone she can call friend.

But sometimes she wonders what would it be to be out of the village. Far far away from all the things that despised her. From all the people who had turned their backs from her for standing up for herself.

There was so much things she wished she could run away from. She didn't know where to begin or end.

"Lena," a voice startled her. "There you are, I've been looking all over for you."

Geo walked towards her, sometimes ducking to get a good look at where his foot lands and where Lena is actually standing. The bushes of flowers were growing wildly all over the place.

"Goodness!" he exclaimed, rather to himself. "You sure blend in well with the plants. I wouldn't know it's you if I didn't see Vingcanti."

"Why are you still here?" she asked, not really looking at him. "I thought you left?"

The well was a place where she puts her guard down and let her feelings flow freely. She wasn't expecting anyone to come across the place, even for Geo. She was worried he might notice the yearning on her face.

"Listen... I sort of found out who you are," Geo didn't know how to compose his words but he just kept on talking. "And I understand now how alone you have been, and why Vingcanti got to you."

"What on earth are you talking about, Geoffrey?" she sounded edgy. She tried to laugh it off but it only made her looked nervous.

"What I'm really trying to say was, you don't belong here," after rethinking his words, he thought it sounded too rude. "I mean, I don't belong here and neither do you."

"I don't see where this is going, Geoffrey," Lena blurted, a little offended by his straightforwardness. "Please leave me alone."

Geo paused.

"I'll leave," he continued. "But you're coming with me."

"What?" Lena frowned slightly. It was the strangest suggestion. "Why would you want me to go with you?"

"Like I said," he tried to reasoned though he knows he's bad at it. "Both you and I don't belong here. So why don't you come with me?"

"I don't even know you!" she felt that he was being suspiciously unreasonable. "Please, just go and leave me alone."

"Right, you don't even know me," he implied. "And I don't know you either. But we both know Vingcanti... would that at least make you feel less suspicious of me?"

Lena stared at him. She thought hard about what he just said. She somehow felt a little better when she remembered about Vingcanti.

"Please make her understand the situation," Geo was now talking to the beacon. "You wouldn't want her to stay here too, don't you?"

The beacon glowed it's tiny light and Lena listened as the glowing shifted in it's brightness.

It was a conversation that Geo can never hear but from the look of Lena's face, he knew Vingcanti made more sense than he did.

The doubt was no more in her face, it was replaced with that longing eyes of hers.

"We must leave now," Geo held his hand out to her. "We got no time to lose."

Slowly and uncertain, Lena reached out to take his hands.

When their hands touched, she heard an assuring word from Vingcanti, and she knew at once that she wouldn't want to let go of Geo's hand.

They walk out of the village and up on top a hill opposite of it.

Lena looked at her home for one last time and realized she had nothing that was so dear to her to tie her heart to this little village. She had nothing to lose. And she knew she wouldn't miss a thing about this place even if she left.

Her days had been grey until Vingcanti showed up. It was as if destiny had finally showed her some mercy and gave her a friend to face the days with.

She would have never guessed that Vingcanti was also the one to arrange her meeting with Geo, which later turned out that she could finally leave the place like she always wished for.

She never dreamed of being free. But freedom was already following her the whole time. It only took her some time to get her eyes open.

"So..." Geo broke the silence. "You're ready?"

"I-I think so," she replied shakily. "Where are we going?"

"I don't know for sure," he said, taking her hands in his. "Wherever the fogs will take us, I guess."

She shot him a questioning look. He's taking her away but he had no idea where they're going?

"It doesn't matter to me anymore," Geo continued before she could ask. "As long as you don't let go of my hands, we'll be fine."

Alas, Lena looked around and for the first time realized that the clouds were purple, just like the day when she met Vingcanti. Deep down, she wondered if this was meant to be or just a coincidence.

"Alright," she breathed out one last word before the thick fog actually fell on them.

And as soon as the fog covered them, the clouds dispersed. Leaving no trace of the two. Leaving no clue to where they were sent to. Leaving no trail for anyone to get to them.

Vingcanti did reply her.
It was meant to be, Lena.