Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2.26 I'm Yours

As usual, Hayden went out early morning to jog.

But was abruptly interrupted by the presence of a parcel in the mailbox. And the parcel adorned her name, a Twinbrook stamp and a mark that says 'Fragile' on it.

Hayden sat on the porch and opened her package carefully yet full of excitement, only to find a bunch of crumpled newspapers in it. Expectantly, she searched inside and found a letter and a painted Easter egg.

His letter and gift really brings back memories.

Yes, she remembered it well. It was during Easter week, five years ago that the kids had painted glass eggs in art class. She said Helmut's Easter egg was a lousy piece of art.

But looking at the same Easter egg right now, it didn't seem so bad. She guessed she just hated Helmut back then to be able to say something like that.

Hayden spent time appreciating his gift before she realized she was almost late to get ready for school.

"Jesse! Quit being so slow!" Hayden screamed at her brother who was blocking her way. "We're late!"

"Hey, it's not me who stared at an egg for hours," he countered.

"You could have just waited in the bus then," she ran past him.

"No thanks," he replied mockingly. "I prefer sitting on the porch than waiting in an orange school bus."

Geez, what is wrong with him? she thought to herself. She somehow missed the little cuddly version of Jesse. She wondered if all little brothers grow up just to get on their big sisters nerves.

At school, during lunch time, Melisa, the transfer student, apologized to Hayden that she had to cancel their girl's night out because her family was leaving to Bridgeport tonight. A relative of theirs is getting married and since they were the only immediate family nearby, the Vincents were obliged to attend the ceremony.

"I'm so sorry, Hayden," she said again. "I'll make it up to you this weekend, okay?"

"Sure, no problem," Hayden did not resent it. In fact, she was happy for Melisa. It's great to have a big family to gather around with. She somehow could finally understand how her mom felt about family events now. It's something to be cherished while they still have each other.

Hayden recalls when Martha was still around. She really missed her.

"Hope you have fun!" she told Melisa with a broad smile.

"You too, Hayden," Melisa replied. "And oh, Happy Birthday!"


Because she had told her parents that she will be celebrating her birthday by having a girl's night out, they skipped having a house party.

But now that her night out was cancelled, Ashton thought they should at least get her a cake and celebrate together. Hayden knew her mom thinks she's feeling down, even though she's not; but celebrating or not, wasn't much of a big deal for her.

Hayden just insisted they watch TV together. And at this time, Jesse seemed to be nice around his sister. Hayden figured it was probably so that he can keep watching TV way over his bed time.

It was his first time watching a late night action film. Hayden didn't think the film was any good but Jesse was pretty excited, nonetheless.

It was a quiet, calm seventeen for her. She didn't mind not having a night out or a party because all that matters to her now is that Helmut had wished her too.

And the fact that his gift took place on her bedside was more than she can ask for. It was the simplest yet thoughtful present she had ever received.

That night, she dreamt meeting Helmut.

"Hey, Heidi, what took you so long?" said the little boy, relieved to finally see her.

"How dare you left me cleaning the class on my own!" Angry, she still smiles.

They played make believe games.

They pretended they were on a ship sailing around the world together.

And their laughter filled the air of the empty playground that was meant only for them.

"Sweet dreams, Hayden," returning late from a function, Connor switched the lights out when he came in to see his daughter.

Sweet dreams indeed.