Sunday, November 7, 2010

2.27 A New Pace

Hayden headed to her old school right after her classes were over. Her dream was so vivid yet awfully surreal the other night. Even more so, she wanted to recall everything right at the place where it happened.

Despite all the little kids making a beeline towards their designated home transports, one boy headed into the playground when he noticed Hayden's familiar figure.

"Hay, HayHay," the boy greeted sarcastically as he made his way up the tower. "Wat'cha doin' here, HayHay?"

"Go home, Jesse," she replied without the slightest reaction, lest it fed his amusement. "You're gonna miss the bus."

"Aren't you coming home?" he asked. Her unusual reply was rather puzzling.

"I'm heading to the spa later," she answered. "It's my first day at work."

"Well... aren't you late?" he tapped his wrist as if he owned an invisible watch that reads time extra correct. Jesse the Time Keeper.

"No, I'm not," she said, although she actually was. "Just go home, I'll be back before dinner."

"A'aight," her brother jumped off, taking a sprint as he landed. "Hey, wait up!!" He wailed at his school bus, making a funny face.

Once Jesse's bus took off, Hayden immediately got on a public bus.

Inside, she caught a glimpse of Helmut at the back. Excited, she carefully made her way towards his seat and sat beside him.

"Hey, there, Heidi," he greeted. "Where you headed?"

How she wished he was really next to her. Her yearning for him is driving her nuts. She kept seeing Helmut everywhere and all the time.

So by finally getting a part time job, she hope to have something to occupy her mind from being love sick all day long.

"This is it, Ving," she blurted out to her fluttery friend.

Vingcanti reacted, flapping his tiny wings.

"Looks like we'll be very busy," she declared as she took a glance at the products in the window display.

None of the items were familiar to her and she don't even know a thing about spa rituals, packages and what not, to begin with. Which can only mean, enough distraction from thinking about her love boy at every given moment.

And as time goes by...

Days became weeks. And weeks became months.

Connor had finally started on building their new house. The plan was finally set in motion. And since he had a lot of time in hand, he decided to handle the construction from A to Z himself; apart from having construction workers to come by soon.

Ashton draws out the house plans while Connor would put up the samples; of floor boards, wallpapers, doors and windows, to better evaluate what they would like to have in their new abode.

Cyclone would come around every evening after work, offering his man power and brotherly support. Although he knows not one bit about construction or carpentry for that matter, his vast collection of interior magazines were very much helpful in the planning process.

Jesse found his new playground extremely cool. He's all over the place, running, climbing and jumping off things no matter how dangerous it is.

And because his parents cannot stop their hyper son from being who he is, they made him wore safety helmet, goggles and thick shoes.

Jesse had no complaints.

Family dinners had been outdoor lately.

It's pretty exciting to sit down, surrounded by their accomplishment for the day, while making comments and discussing the next plan on the spot. Everyday is a job well done.

"So which combination you'd like?" Connor asked before they head back in. They had this little corner where they set up a mock up living room.

"I don't know..." despite being a perfectionist, Ashton could not make up her mind. Everything looked flawless. "Which one would you prefer, honey?"

"Bricks are sturdy, but I don't like it when they gradually crack in the long run," he deliberated. "Maintaining wood panelings can be quite low cost... then again termites are hard to deal with."

They stood there for awhile, weighing the pros and cons of their decisions in sighs and silence. All these whiles, making decisions were rather easy since their current and previous homes were quite temporary.

Now that it's for good, it seemed so hard to come to a conclusion.

"We can decide on this tomorrow," Connor snapped off their mind juggles. "It's getting really cold out here. It's not good for the baby."

"Let's call it a day then," Ashton gingerly stepped towards him, and he wrapped his arms around her, extending his warmth.

It was no surprise that the couples were expecting their third child. It was what they have been planning for all along.

Everything is perfectly falling into place.