Wednesday, August 18, 2010

0 1.3 Date with Edward Poley

Today, after work, Ashton headed straight to the gym as Edward promised he'd be there earlier. When she got there, passing the cafe, she noticed someone familiar, clad in ski apparel, busy with his laptop.

"What a surprise to see you here," Ashton greeted, taking a seat in front of him. "Day off?"

"Uh-huh," Cyclone mumbled, attention was on his soccer video game. "Thought I'd get some exercise."

"Soccer, huh? I noticed," she chuckled and stood up. "I'll be upstairs."

"Kay, girl," eyes fixed on screen. "Imma see ya around."

But as Ashton went up the flight of stairs, Cyclone's eyes tailed her till she's out of sight. He later sighed, face palming. Eavesdropping and literally stalking? Dude! What am i doing?! He thought to himself. He doesn't seem proud of what he's up to right now. But of course, he's not going to back out of it.

Edward was doing the weights when Ashton got upstairs. She noticed that he seemed to struggle with his work out but his face beamed when he saw Ashton coming. He stood to greet her.

"Why don't you take on the weights for a bit," she does that sometimes; indirectly pointing flaws and encouraging hard work to excel. She's a perfectionist after all. "I'll be at the aerobics hall."

"Uh, okay, sure!" Edward answered in a pause followed by a pitch. Either he was reluctant or short of breath. She can't really tell the difference.

As Ashton was busting out some aerobic routines, a guy came into the hall, picked a spot and did some warm ups before getting on his aerobics moves. She don't remember ever seeing him in the gym before; plus, he looked like the unsociable type. He didn't even muster a hello.

But who is she to judge? Not really bothering with her curious thought at the moment, Ashton continued her routines.

Unknowingly, the guy carefully stole a glance back at Ashton. His mind was telling him that she's the kind of person he wont be able to approach. At least, not to a loner like him.

Meanwhile, Edward was really breaking some sweats.

After dinner date with Edward, he had to excuse himself for his shift, even though he really wanted to send her home. - Also, this time, he didn't Houdini on her; he took a cab to work.

Edward, gentleman as always, Ashton thought. They had a great time today, and she felt they clicked pretty well. She's even starting to like him too.

As she was waiting for the taxi, Xander appeared and took a seat beside her.

"Look, Ashton," he begins. "About what you said that day... if it's for you, I'll... I'll quit my... bad job. In fact, I already have."

"Wha - ?!"

"I got a job at the spa," he kept on. "Today was the first day and it was really a better experience doing good for others and - "

"Hold on a second, Xander," she stopped him. "I think you got me wrong. I did oppose you being in a heist, but I didn't ask you to quit it for me! I mean, I'm glad you're out of it and all; that's good, I..."

She ran out of words to say as she met his stare.

"I.. I don't really think of you that way," she finished her sentence timidly.

Somehow, she started to get worried. What if Xander got mad and murder her? Vanglorious is going to die just because she turned a criminal down?! Ashton was about to freak out.

But Xander just muttered an "Oh...".

It really calmed her down... a bit.

Xander sat silently beside her until Ashton got on a taxi home. They managed to bid each other properly before she left.

It was both an awkward and scary experience for her. She was glad to be home alive, somehow.

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