Tuesday, August 17, 2010

0 1.2 Convict's Confession

Ashton had been weighing her decisions all night long; Journalism or Science career? Well, her dream is to be an Illustrious Author but at this point, she wanted to earn more dough as fast as she could; Science career had the highest pay for starters.

She could go into Journalism anytime she wants, even at the comfort of her home, she thought.

So this is it. First day of work!

The starter post for Landgraab Industries Science Facility was a Test Subject. She'll be involved in testing sensory-related machinery before it can be mass produced for the community. Nothing so complicated about giving her feedbacks on technologies.

After a smooth day of work, Ashton headed on to the gym as usual.

A while later, Xander Clavell entered the gym and caught sight of Ashton working out on the first floor; he was instantly falling for her. - Ashton somehow had a weird feeling of being watched and she immediately looked at the entrance below. A man was smiling at her.

The moment their eyes met, Xander was convinced that it was a sign for him to be with Ashton. Without hesitating, he went up and introduced himself.

Xander was really friendly and Ashton found herself kind of attracted to his bad boy demeanor. But then it wasn't until a little longer into the conversation, Xander revealed that he recently had a huge success in a jewelry heist.

Mental check. Jewelry heist is a crime!!

The last thing Ashton need is to have Vanglorious associated with criminals, because the Vanglorious Family had always been against conspiracies. She wont be the one to tarnish the family's name.

Her expression changed and Xander could see that. Somewhat. he thought that being forwardly frank to the girl you like on the first meeting is a turn on; but he finally learned that it wasn't applicable to certain girls. And that girl happens to be the new girl in town. He regretted his actions, knowing he can't take it back.

Ashton immediately suppressed her nerves and changed the air, sort of giving her opinion that wouldn't it be better if he's into Boxing career instead of something so damaging to his family and the society.

And with that, she bid Xander and went to catch a film.

They were showing "Morgan and Destiny's Eleventeeth Date: The Zeppelin Zoo", directed and starred by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. She liked the art style and vocabularies used in the show. She got very inspired to write stories in such a unique way too. It seemed very childlike and dreamy. Suits her dream of Illustrious Author.

Leaving the theater, right across the street, she saw Edward Poley the Magician, standing in Central Park's entrance. She hurriedly went towards him, eager to ask how on earth did he vanished into thin air.

"Hello, Ashton," he had noticed her coming. "I was waiting for you."

Surprised, Ashton asked him why and frankly speaking, he just wanted to get to know her; not in his magician ghetto but as himself. How could she resist such a gentleman as him. So Ashton mentioned that she often goes to the gym, and Edward said he wouldn't mind hanging out there sometime.

"By the way, I was meaning to ask you," Ashton remembered. "Did you just went Houdini the other day?" (Houdini is well known for his vanishing act, so "went Houdini" is a term of vanishing away).

"Neat trick, huh?" he boasted with a sarcasm grin on his face. "I can tell you how, but then I'd have to kill you."

"Well, I don't plan on dying just yet," she chuckled. "I have a family to revive."

"Really? Tell me about it," he seemed curiously interested, and the conversation went on and on. But little did they realize, on the other side of the park, Cyclone was silently watching them.

Under the reflective shades that carefully hides his emotions, he gazes longingly at Ashton.

Who can tell?

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