Monday, August 16, 2010

0 1.1 Telephone Booth

After buying a huge empty land uphill, Ashton had just enough to manage building a tiny house that looked awkward between her wealthy neighbors. But that wasn't a setback for her, she was grateful enough to have a roof and a bed to keep her warm.

Being the new townie and all, meeting the neighbors was the most polite thing for her to do. She met Nick Alto (right) and Gunther Goth (left). They both belonged to rich families. Money status defines their standard in society.

Apparently, Gunther was visiting the Altos even though it was quite a distance because he was curious about the new land buyer who couldn't afford a house bigger than a telephone booth. And Nick Alto wasn't happy about the small house spoiling the view of their street. Ashton excused herself after saying hello and left for the Central Park. Some people.

The news about the new telephone booth spread real quick. But then Ashton wouldn't care less, it'll wear off soon. Its just a phase in this journey to revive Vanglorious from scratch.

While at the park, she was approached by a guy who looked like he just came back from skiing. He introduced himself as Cyclone Sword; a pen name he use as a journalist. It seems that he's the only person who knows the real thing right about the new townie who bought off a huge chunk of land. He wished to interview her when she finally settles.

Ashton gladly accepts.

"Gawd! Waitta minute!" Cyclone exclaimed all of a sudden. "You're. You're that Vanglorious girl from the incident four years ago!"

"Uhm, ye..s.." she didn't know whether it was the right thing to do; exposing her past. But as she quickly made a mental check, she's still fine; no breakdown. "How did you know?"

"Lol, girl, I'm a journalist, remember?" he got even more excited. "I'm gonna get a promotion when I write this shit!"

Okay, mental note. Cyclone is a journalist. Ashton thought to herself.

"Then again, stories like these are better off written in autobiographies," Cyclone reasoned. "It wouldn't cover the whole damn thing in a little magazine. You should totally write a book about it."

"My therapist said the same thing," Ashton blurted it out of reflex. Sort of regretted it later.

"Ah, so that's where you were all these years," Cyclone was really observant about connecting details. "Anyway, book aside, I'd still like to interview you about your plans from here on. - I'll be in touch." And with that, he quickly left for his next scoop.

Without much money to buy herself a decent meal, lunch was picnic. The people of Sunset Valley were really generous in sharing their home-brought meals. Besides, it was the easiest way to get to know people, and since the townies already embraced that value in them, it made Ashton felt very welcome being around humble people. Though it reminded her of how the rich guys glared at her this morning, she immediately brushed that thought away as she finished her meal.

Spending her time meeting different peoples in the park, Ashton received many tips about the town. Apparently, showers are cold in swimming pools facilities; warm showers are in the gym; since she haven't build a bathroom in her telephone booth (mentally amusing herself), its the best option to use public showers.

As she was leaving to the gym, a guy in tux costume and face paint halted her and without a word, started to perform magic tricks. Entertained, Ashton praised him and introduced herself.

"Yes, you are. So I've heard," he bowed, tipping his hat. Ashton secretly wondered if he had also heard about the telephone booth thing. "I'm Edward Poley, the town's Magician."

"Yes, you are," she smiled. "So I've seen." Mental note, stop thinking about telephone booth. Starting now.

Edward then helped her to stop a taxi, apologized if he had made her late for an occasion. She thought it was really gentleman of him. Just as she was about to thank him, Edward teleported (!). Vanished in front of her eyes, just like that.

The 28 Hour Wellness Gym not only have swimming pool, showers and exercise machines. A complimentary cafe, lounge rooms and private bath tubs were also part of the service! Ashton couldn't ask more with the gym membership, she could come around often until her telephone booth house is completed.


She couldn't stand having that word ringing in her head all the time. She really need to save up money, quickly build Vanglorious Mansion and show those rich bastards she can own a whole telephone company. Being neurotic, mental venting calms her down.

And before going home, she took some time to relax in the lounge, checking out magazines that has Cyclone's article in it.

Mental note. Cyclone is a great journalist.

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