Sunday, August 15, 2010


When the Thelma Aria cruise ship capsized in the storm, the entire Vanglorious family went with it. It was Vanglorious Golden Jubilee celebration gathering. The celebration that marks the coming of age of their 50th generation was unfortunately the last.

Being among the very few survivor and the only one left of Vanglorious, Ashton was terribly traumatized by the tragedy. She was but a 16 year old girl, and unable to cope with the huge scar all alone, she was admitted to Psychiatric Specialist Institute to be given the help she needs.

After four years, thanks to her therapists, Ashton was finally recovering well from the breakdown. She walked out of the Institute as a new person, with a new out look on life and a determined quest to revive Vanglorious back no matter what it takes.

Money can't buy whats lost. The wealth of the Vanglorious could never bring the dead back, and so Ashton donated every penny and assets from the legacy to the Institute even though her family lawyer was so against it.

And with the 16k Simoleons that she received on her 16th birthday four years ago, Ashton set out to a new place called Sunset Valley.

This is the town where her fresh start begins.

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