Thursday, August 19, 2010

0 1.4 Something About Him

Ashton got up early to harvest some wild grapes from the lakeside across her house. Her neighbors were too rich to bother whats growing in this field they share. She was more than happy to have fruits whenever she needs a fast bite. Fresh produce are always healthy.

Plus, she's really good with plants since green thumb is part of her traits. To her, its the same concept of planting a family and nurturing it to grow into a legacy. No matter how hard it is, the struggle is worth it.

Although she missed her family so much, she know she had to be strong for them now. She'll do her best to make them proud of her.


Work was a strain today. Machinery buzz and monitor beeps were ringing in her head. She decided to have a quick meal at the gym and maybe read a book at the lounge to relax.

Cause she can't head home just yet anyway, the house is under renovation during the day, but once she gets back, she'll finally have a real bedroom space. Thinking about it makes her anxiously excited. Ashton can't wait to plan for the next renovation, but then that's too much mental process for today.

She headed straight up to the lounge room.

But she was surprised to see that someone was already there. All these whiles she thought nobody actually hangs out here since people usually crowd around the swimming pool or aerobics hall. She was embarrassed to have barged in like she used to.

The guy who was so immersed in his book was startled by her appearance. They caught each others eyes. Ashton thought he was kinda familiar but she can't remember when and where have she seen him before.

The guy closed his book and stood up, making a move.

"Wait, you don't have to leave," Ashton felt guilty, maybe this guy don't feel comfortable having someone else in the lounge. "I was just - "

"I wasn't going to," his voice was deep. "Hello, I'm Connor Frio. You must be the new land owner up on that hill."

Another person who got the facts right, Ashton thought. Rumors over now?

"Yes, that would be me. Its nice to meet you, Connor," they shook hands. She had a good grip, seems to her, he's been doing heavy works. "I'm Ashton, by the way."

"Nice to meet you too, Ashton by the way," he politely chuckled. "I'm just kidding."

She smiled. Now that was refreshing.

"Is that Portrait of Dorian Gray you're reading?" Ashton can't help noticing.

"Yes, its a great piece," he wiped the covers as if it were covered in dust. "Very masterfully written. You read too?"

"Its one of my favorites," she replied. "I read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, also books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Classics are fine literature, I'd say."


"You know, I have to say, you look very familiar," she was itching to say that from the beginning. "Yet this is the first time I've seen you in town."

"Well, I just came back a few days ago. I bet you read Travel Section on the papers?" he had a professional tone this time. "I'm in Journalism. A columnist for Backpackers 101. You might have seen my tiny face in it."

"No way! You're De Frio?" she excitedly exclaimed. "Your column is genius! I really should try your advices when I get to backpack some time."

"Thanks," he managed a faint smile. "Backpacking and road trips are far more better than going by air or sea. There's... a lot more to look at..."

His words trailed off, and his mind went elsewhere. Connor was reminiscing something from the past in the back of his head and Ashton can't help but to stare at Connor, watching him sink in his own thoughts. Like he just entered a different realm.

She felt something about him, something she can't put her finger to, something disturbingly charming, something far more familiar than a tiny photo in the Travel Section.

But what?

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