Saturday, September 15, 2012

S.006: The Ad II

The Chrome lot was just a minute away from Cobalt. A distance that is much shorter than having to walk up to Kiiro's room at the same pace.

House of Chrome is the most modern looking lot in Sorbetview and probably with the most amount of cars in the whole neighborhood.

"Dude!" Kiiro stressed. "Five cars? Really? - Do you even drive all of them?"

"Of course," Zeiss wasn't really making a big deal out of it. "The red one's for college. That one's for the beach, the blue one's for downtown, this one's for cross country and the last one is for going to the convenience store."

"You're kidding, right?" Kiiro stared at him in disbelief.

"Yeah, I don't use them at all," Zeiss said with a straight face. "C'mon in."

"Dude, your crib is humongous!" Kiiro couldn't hide his amazement and shock the moment he stepped into Zeiss' home. "Are you somekinda multi millionaire's heir or something?"

Zeiss sighed.

"Don't be fooled by empty spaces and precisely placed furnitures," Zeiss said with a burdened breath. "It's not easy coming home to see things as if they just popped straight out of a showroom catalog. - With the price tags still attached. If any."

"And don't get me started about the theme of choice," Zeiss was ranting by now. "It's an annoying obsession. And it runs in the family!"

"I can see that," Kiiro agreed only because he sees that Zeiss is part of the theme as well. "By the way, why are you on your own here?"

"We migrated overseas when I was a kid," he shrugged, forgetting that he had more to rant about. "I just migrated back."

"Why don't you park your idle cars at our place?" Kiiro changed the topic. He didn't even know why he suddenly blurted it out of the blue. "We're not even using the garage. I bet Saku and Chenkov wouldn't mind."

"Of course they mind, dude," Zeiss snickered. "Didn't you guys put it out for rent couple o' days ago?"

"Put what out for rent?" Kiiro look puzzled.

"Dude, you didn't know?" Zeiss started to make a move. "C'mon. I'll show you."

"Where are we going?" Kiiro asked when they got into the car. It was almost sunset.

"To the town center," Zeiss revealed.

"Didn't you have a special car for that?"

"Hahaha," he faked-laugh. "Very funny, Kiiro."

Once Zeiss found a parking space, he led Kiiro straight to the spot where he saw the ad.

"There," he announced. Feeling smug for no reason. "What did I tell ya?"

"Seriously, you drove all the way here to show me this?" Kiiro blurted. "We could have just walked next door to my place, and ask the folks ourselves."

"That, and I wanted to get some Soda," Zeiss quickly entered the grocery store. "Wait up, will ya?"

Kiiro just grunted his acknowledgment as he eyed the ad incredulously. Three words of bold text and some tear-apart leafs with Chenkov's name and number was a little too strange to look at after staring it for too long.

Shaking the arising questions off from his head, Kiiro walked away to join Zeiss inside. 

With the ad still having all the tear-apart leafs intact, his last thought was, 'Guess nobody's interested.'


Someone interested did show up.