Friday, September 14, 2012

S.005: The Ad

The Cobalts usually spend their Saturdays lounging at home, enjoying each other's company. And since Kiiro have extra class at college, he brought down his GrizStation to keep Haagen away from playing video games in his room.

"I was thinking we could rent out the garage," Chenkov suddenly suggested one fine day. "What do you think?"

"Rent out?" Saku raised her eyebrow. "Who would want to rent a garage? - Do you mean, rent for car parking or rent for - staying?"

The idea was too strange for her.

"It can be anything. - Maybe there's a young mechanic somewhere who needs a place to kick start, who knows," he replied. "Besides, it's not like we're having a car sometime soon."

Saku quickly noticed the way Chenkov indirectly feeling sorry for his own condition. No one in the household knows how to drive but him. Before the accident, he had a Sedan but was soon sold away since nobody was able to use the car.

She wanted to say something comforting, but Haagen instantly interrupted between them.

"Can I rent it? Can I? Can I? Pleeeaassseee?" the little boy was very gleeful. He was practically bouncing on the couch. "Please, Chenkov, please???"

"Ask Saku," Chenkov said nonchalantly.

"Please, Saku, please?" he quickly diverted to her.

"Why would you want to rent the garage, dear," she chuckled.

"I wanna build my secret base!" he revealed enthusiastically.

"Well, it's not really a secret now that you've exposed your plan, right?" she can't help but smiling.

"Aww, shucks!" Haagen blurted in defeat and continued with his video game.

"I'll put up an ad on my way to the groceries later," Saku offered her help. She decided not to argue much about it. Besides, the extra income might be helpful for rainy days.

"Thanks, Saku," Chenkov smiled. "I'm sure someone might have better use of it than we would. I'll print out the ad for you in a jiffy."

And he immediately went to work on it excitedly.

And she placed the ad among other ads and promotions on the bulletin board outside the grocery store. It was a simple ad. Not as eye catching as the rest, yet the message was direct and it stood out.

Chenkov told her only complicated and-or desperate people would find the ad promising. She didn't know what to hope for actually. Perhaps for a nice person to come by. Not too suspicious. Not too desperate. 

So much speculations crossing in and out of her thoughts.

But were quickly dispersed at the sight of fresh produce. Looks like the Cobalts will have a very healthy dinner tonight.