Friday, December 31, 2010

G.V: Fate

My dear Geo,

Please forgive me for all the things I have kept from you. Do not be angered by the things I try so hard to protect you from.

It's true that you came from a time that poses great harm unto you, I myself had been very confused of that at the beginning. And though I was there by mistake, I could not bear to not lift a finger at the circumstances; even if you were not exactly 'you' whom I was seeking at that time.

I can't put into words how fate entwined for the both of us together in your era, and all these years, I believe that it was really fate that made you walk into my shop; so stricken by a town full of shadow people.

"Huh?" Geo frowned. Something was strange about his grandmother's words.

I wish not to confuse you but you will soon understand what I mean after you watch the replay of the beacon's memory by using the eyepiece that was with this book. - It's something I find really convenient from the future.

I trust that watching it is better than how I could correspond to you. But I must warn you, my dear Geo... Whatever you do, I beg of you, please do not try to intervene time as I have.

I learnt my lesson and paid a great price. But having you makes it all worth it. And I would not want to change anything about that even if I could.

I love you, darling.


As the message ended, questions begun to cascade within his head. One question after another, stacking endlessly non-stop. It gave Geo an adrenalin rush. A pacing heartbeat. A knotting stomach. A struggled breathing.

The only thing that might give him an answer right now is the beacon's memory. He quickly fastened the eyepiece over his head. With a click, the mechanism came to life in a silent whir and out appeared a menu that was only visible to his sight.

This startled him for a moment.

But it didn't take him long to know what he was supposed to do with this foreign technology. As there were only one file in the play list, Geo lifted his finger in the air and clicked on the item named Vingcanti.

A screen swept in front of him, and without much hesitation, Geo clicked the play button.


Meanwhile, in the present day...

Sophia rushed out of her convertible as soon as she pulled over by the house. The sound of her rushing heartbeat was louder than the thuds of her boots against the porch floorboards.

She quickly burst out to the veranda hoping to be greeted by a shocked over-exhausted man whom she has not seen for over half a year since the huge peculiar machine swallowed him in.

She heaved a disappointed sigh before the machine's doors. Dusts were still perfectly in place and no sign of the stir she had hoped for.

Coming over every single day to check whether if Geo has returned or not, hasn't been easy. It was a painful routine but she was relentless in doing so. And each day, she was greeted by nothing but his absence. It had been like this for a long time now. She just wanted to see him again.

She really did.

Sophia held her arm close to her body. She was trembling. The chill that was coming from the time machine was affecting her more than the cold mist of Twinbrook.

For a brief moment, she was aware of how lonely she felt.

As she stepped back into his house, she could not bear the loud silence. It was either the TV left on, the washing machine whirring or Geo's continuous iron clanks.

Anything but this silence.

Though she had changed in the past six months, she still can't get over the fact that she missed Geo so much that it hurts.

And she was about to do something to end the wait. To throw all the pain away.

It was something that had crossed her mind every other time but was not really an option, due to her positively believing that Geo would walk out of the machine just about anytime, which she would not want to miss.

But she wasn't going to wait anymore.

Her positivity can no longer stretch. Which is why she finds herself reading the tome that was left behind, looking for the information on when and where Geo had gone to.

And before she knew it, she was already entering the time fog.

There was no turning back now. This was her ticket to see Geo again. And she planned to tell him how she realized he was everything to her once they're reunited.

If only she hadn't made a mistake with the keys...