Sunday, December 12, 2010

G.IV: Glowing Beacon

By the power of the crescent moon,
The beacon shall be free from captive.

Thou shalt not stumbleth away off his path,
Lest thy fate forever in tis ruins be sealed.

Geo fell hard on cold solid tiles of what seems to be a dark chamber. He grumbled as he got up to his feet, almost blaming on his chains of bad luck never leaving him, but of course, he didn't.

He wanted to believe a kiss does brings you good luck.

But as soon as he stood, he was stricken with fear at what lies right before him. Geo's shriek echoed within the chamber's wall.

He assured himself that he's lucky enough that the skeleton, whoever it used to be, wasn't alive to haunt him. And before his fears could turn him numb, Geo scurry away, as fast as he could.

Within the chamber, lies a stone chest, right in the middle of the room.

It was as if someone intended him to find the chest. Geo opened it without thinking twice and saw a peculiar shaped stone inside; curved with each of it ends pointing at the same direction.

The more he looked at it, the clearer it all became.

By the power of the crescent moon,
The beacon shall be free from captive.

He instantly knew the stone could be a key to the beacon he's supposed to seek.

Geo took the crescent stone in his hands and looked around the chamber for a clue of what it may be. Despite the lack of light, it wasn't that long until he saw another stone on the wall with an indent the shape of a crescent. Without further ado, he immediately placed the crescent stone upon it.

It fitted perfectly. And with that, chains bonding a door in the chamber disintegrated. Thus, an entrance was unlocked.

Geo nervously went in and saw another stone chest. Only this time, colorful lights were streaking out of the cracks.

Geo wasn't prepared for trouble, yet he was not left with any options but to see what's kept inside.

As soon as he lifted the lid open, bright light emerged in a flash, blinding him for a few seconds.

While he was struggling to shake the blindness away, he felt something flew out of the chest. Afraid, he furiously blinked to have his vision back.

When his sight gradually returned, he could not make out what floats before him. An orb. An orb with wings... It was fluttering about in front of him. And the orb seems to posses life.

Geo didn't know how to react to it. They both stared at each other for a long moment. Geo dared not to blink, worried the orb might transform into something hideous.

Seeing Geo stiff to his spine, the orb swished around. It fluttered by a wall for some reason before returning to his side.

This happened three times before Geo understood what the orb was trying to tell him to do. In fact, he finally realized that this orb was the beacon!

So Geo started pushing the wall.

It was clear enough that something important is hidden behind it and though the beacon was of no strength to match his, it acted like it was pushing the wall as well.

After numerous kicks, grunts and pushes, the wall finally showed signed of budging and without giving up, Geo managed to get the wall to turn, revealing a secret chamber.

"Another chest?" he wondered out loud. And approached it without much doubt.

Lifting up the lid hastily had back fired on him again, or so he thought. Because once more, bright light emerged and blinding him entirely.

But when he opened his eyes, he realized that they had been warped to another chamber. At least this chamber had more light than the previous one.

He felt more at ease.

But they were not here for sight-seeing, the beacon flew off to a corner where strange lilies were budding. It led him to an old parchment.

Picking it up, Geo tried to be careful with the parchment as it looked fragile. And whatever information it held might just crumble away if he had been careless.

Looking closely at it, the parchment was a map.

"Is this supposed to be the ruin's map?" he turned to look at the beacon. It remained afloat without giving an answer.

"Okaayy, so you can't talk," Geo concluded. He had a worried look on his face by now. He doesn't even know where he is and the map in his hand does not make any sense.

Reading his expression, the beacon floated closer towards the map and after a while, it motioned Geo to follow him.

Just like the tome said, Geo thought. Thou shalt not stumble away from the beacon.

After a long journey deeper into the ruins, When the beacon stopped in front of a rubble, it took Geo a few moment before knowing what he should do next.

Clear off the path.

And once again, he found something useful lying in the middle of the chamber; a pickaxe. As if someone really did want him to find it. He wondered if his grandmother knew about it... or was she the one who left it there. Who knows.

The thoughts in his head didn't linger long. He was busy clearing the rubbles away.

Once the main foundation of the rubble give off, the whole thing collapsed but it didn't reveal a doorway or a hidden path. Geo felt disappointed but seeing the beacon fluttering above the fallen rocks gave his hope back.

Geo immediately cleared off the spot and found something buried underneath it.

Because the beacon could not talk, he thought they were clearing a blocked pathway, but in fact, this is what they came for; he saw a book and a strange metallic device.

Geo motioned to pick up the items when suddenly...

The chamber shook and in an instant, sands and rocks started to fall. Knowing what the quakes would result in, he grabbed both items and quickly chased after the beacon as soon as he saw it motioned through a tunnel.

Thou shalt not stumbleth away off his path,
Lest thy fate forever in tis ruins be sealed.

He prayed hard that his fate will not be sealed within the ruins. And after what seem to be a run for his life, they finally reached to an opening at the end of the tunnel.

Panting for breath, Geo looked behind him. The ruins had collapsed entirely. It could have been him dead inside, but he wasn't, and he was really grateful for that.

As he took a deep breath of fresh air, Geo opened the book they found without much delay. He wanted to know why he was supposed to be here in the first place.

Reading on, he found out that the book held names and dates indicating in seasons and it's respective centuries. He didn't understand what the writings were about because they were of a much classic Latin; which baffles him. - What is the use of this book if he can't understand anything in it?

When he almost closed the covers, he saw something that shocked him.

He saw his full name written under Autumnus Solstice 1471, Geofreid Bartholomew Vanglorious. - As much as he wanted to deny that it's not him but some other guy sharing the same name, he can't. Because if this person wasn't him, then he wouldn't be here, time travel into a collapsing ruins just to find this book.

And he also noticed something...

Below every names written, were the age of the person. And his were 11 Annus Vetus. If there is a Latin word he recognized, it would be the word Annus which was derived for the English word Annual; which meant Years.

Eleven was the age he got adopted and was also the age where he could not remember anything from his past. So looking at his name clearly written in the book seemed like a link to the memory he's missing.

But 1471? he doubted.

Could he be from a different era? How did he got to the future? And why? He wished he knew the answers.

But there weren't anymore writings after his name. In fact, the rest of the book was blank and he wondered why. Geo furiously flipped every page to see if there were any more clues to confirm his findings.

And finally at the end of the cover, there was another writing. It was in plain English and it was his grandmother's handwriting!

My dear Geo...