Tuesday, September 7, 2010

0 1.15 Travel Chase

I remember the first time I went backpacking.

I have to tell ya, I didn't know what to expect. Especially when it comes to tailing backpackers without being noticed. Man, it's not as easy as it looked.

Cause in my case, I'm tailing Connor Frio. And slopes in Shang Simla China are freakin' steep, no kidding!

Well, ever since I put two and two together about what's the connection between every places that Connor had visited, I realized that they all have one thing in common.

These are the places where every Vanglorious family resides in. Correction, had lived their lives in.

Apparently, Connor still can't get over the fact that the girl he met on that ship had left the hospital and couldn't be located. Nobody knows her whereabouts.

So he's been around, asking all over these places. Every neighbor, every townie of every freakin' city; Have you seen a Vanglorious girl returning?

Most people thought none of the Vanglorious survived the storm, some people just shook their heads, and a few would be a prick and name a price for the information Connor seeks.

I remember the time when a martial sifu didn't want to talk to him until he release his anger and find inner peace. Believe me, Connor is a pacifist, he can't even beat up a log.

But I was totally wrong, cause the Connor that I used to know might have really died in that storm. Cause this Connor, would do anything to pick up a clue to the whereabouts of Ashton Vanglorious.

But whats with China people, anyway? You have to spar with them to get some lousy piece of info? That's bullshit, man.

I swear if I had more stamina than Connor, I would beat the hell outta those people who make you spar them but have no info in the end; cause Connor is too good to be mad at people, even when he's being used.

Same case with Champs Les Sims France. They give you a lead and then make you feel you owe them a favor.

They'd send you around to do things in the name of sight-seeing. Yeah, crap.

All I saw was running around and picking up stones. I wish I can tell him, Ole boy, just drop the stones and get on the lead! Can't you just be ungrateful and leave? I'm tired of following you around. Geez!

Somehow I wonder if the leads were even worth the shot. I don't think we're looking in the right places.

What if the girl started a life somewhere else? What if she was adopted into another family? And worse, changed her last name?

One thing I loathe about backpacking is the road trips.

Connor's phobia to sea transports also includes the fear of getting on airplanes. Apparently the safest route on earth is the road. Yeah, right. Like accidents can't happen on land.

I really don't understand him. Pfft.

Then again, Egypt.

Gawd, don't get me started on Egypt.

Worst place ever!

No offense, Egyptians. You should know I prefer chilly Aspen than a burning Simhara desert. I practically had no place to hide!

It's a good thing that all these tailings had given me the skills to stay hidden. I wouldn't know how to explain myself if he knows that I had been tailing him for the past two years.

Plus, this is where I started to hate this dude. Its a freakin' hot desert and he's running.

Can you believe it?! He's like some over-achieving camel!

Back at the base camp, I had to wait till everybody is sleeping till I can actually get some food. One time, I saw this expedition team feasting on curries. Looks wholesome and yummy. So I tried it and I find it very filling. But I guess I was just starving back then.

Cause later on I had a bad stomach ache. And to make matters worse, Connor was sneaking out at night to explore the tombs and I was hiding in one of the empty sarcophagus. Don't ask me how I got there. I don't wanna think about it.

I had to get to a toilet. Stat!

So I resorted to wrap myself in some mummy covers and practically scared the lights out of him in order to do my business. I'm tellin' ya, I wasn't really proud of that, but what choice do I have?

Remind me not to eat curry. Ever. Again.


And now here I am, standing on Old Pier Beach, witnessing the union of two lovebirds. I had a feeling they're perfect for each other from the very beginning. Nothing seems to stop destiny if it was meant to happen. Not even cupid can take credit for that *cough*.

I have to say, ever since Ashton moved to town, I don't have to tail my ole boy like some paparazzi anymore. In fact, I think I would make a great addition to the tabloid publications with a two year experience of being an unnoticeable seasoned tailer.

But I had enough of following people around and working for the mag. I think its about time I get on with my life and be who I wanna be... a Legendary Chess Pl - Uh-oh!


Gawd, geezer! Watch the petals. I'm allergic to pollen for Christ-sake!

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