Sunday, September 5, 2010

0 1.14 Tying the Knot

Remember how Connor and Ashton wanted to go to the beach together?

Well, Connor proposed to Ashton that night in Central Park, and two months later, they're exchanging vows on the deck of Old Pier Beach.

It was a small and simple wedding attended by only close friends. Connor had mentioned he could not stand crowds, (an impact on his life that was caused by the Thelma incident), but that wasn't much of a big deal for Ashton since she only knew a few people to invite.

Unfortunately, Connor's brother, Jared, refused to show up at the wedding after the couple had told him that Connor decided to take up the Vanglorious name.

Jared hadn't been happy with that. And he blamed Ashton for ever stepping into Sunset and brainwashed his brother into building up her family out of selfishness. He was saying very mean things to Ashton, and of course, Connor stood up for her.

The Frio brothers had a huge argument but Connor already made up his mind, and nothing Jared say could tell him otherwise.

Connor also declared that he doesn't need his brother's consent to marry the woman he loves. That basically dropped the bomb on Jared, and he bitterly disown Connor off the name Frio.

Even though Connor was acting all fine on their wedding day, Ashton knew that deep down inside, he really wanted his brother to come on this special day.

But Connor knew Jared wouldn't forgive him just yet. It was something he didn't want to worry himself with at this moment. So all he can do now is focus on the merry occasion and give all his attention to the love of his life.

And after they exchanged their rings, the happy couple now finally declared as husband and wife, and thus Connor may kiss the bride.

Despite all the cheers of the handful of friends, Connor and Ashton were drawn into a world of their own. A world that belongs to them and them alone. A realm of sweet happy ending.

But this was just the beginning
for the House of Vanglorious.

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