Monday, September 24, 2012

S.008: The Welcoming

It was the weekends again. But this time, the Cobalts had something different in their agenda. Rhys Franco, the Science student, will be moving in today. It was something different from their ordinary days, so they were especially enthusiastic.

"Zeek, are you still sleeping?" Kiiro rang him up. "Dude, it's noon! Get out here, will ya? We need a hand. - Yeah, yeah, bye."

And in less than 5 minutes, Zeiss was seen running out of Chrome.

"What took ya so long?" Kiiro muttered anyway.

"I didn't brush my teeth," Zeiss greeted. He always tries to be funny. "Is that okay?"

"Dude, you're gross!" Kiiro blurted despite noticing the strong smell of mouthwash.

"Great, let's get it on, boys!" Chenkov declared. "We're gonna be done in no time!"

Meanwhile, deep in the woods, Saku followed Pol and Haagen to a waterfall where they went fishing for tonight's dinner. Saku wanted to have a little welcoming party for Rhys. 

She was just glad to know that the new tenant was not some kind of a shabby person with dark secrets. She worries about things like that.

Haagen is getting good at reeling in now.

But still, he can't compare his prodigy skills to Pol. It was as if all the big fat fishes were eager to take her baits.

Almost as if the fishes were volunteering to get caught. One after another.

And with all the catch of the day, Saku and Pol made sushi. Everybody ate in the garage. The place looks cleaner, now that the guys had cleaned it up. 

All that is left to do is for Rhys to unpack and arrange his things.

Chenkov also took out two of his sparkling wines to celebrate.

Zeiss was definitely enjoying the meal. He had been refilling his plate several times now.

"Dude, I'm not stopping you, but..." Kiiro had a disbelief look. "I think you shouldn't eat wasabi like that."

Zeiss was spreading wasabi on his rolls as if they were like butter on breads. He just ignored Kiiro's remarks with a funny face.

"Yum, yum!" he mouthed.

Dinner went on with chitter chatters and plenty of seconds.

Once dinner was over, the women went in and do the dishes -

While the boys continued being boys.

Zeiss were telling tales of his travels from when he was little, up to his recent adventure. Everybody got pretty fascinated about it until he started narrating about dragons and sabertooths.

"Dude, are you drunk?!" Kiiro nudged him.

"M-Methinks so," Zeiss stopped abruptly. "Must be the soy sauce."

"Alright now," Chenkov finished his drink. "Let's call it a night. You guys must be tired."

"We're not sleepy just yet," Kiiro said. "Right, Franco?"

"Uh, um, right," Rhys who talked less, finds himself out of choice for words.

"Well, then, don't stay up too late," Chenkov got up. "C'mon, Haagen. It's way past your bedtime."

"You heard the man," Kiiro glared at the kid. "Beat it, twerp."

"Beat it, twerp~" Haagen mimicked Kiiro. And before the two could exchange nasty words, Chenkov carried the little boy out as he bid good night.