Wednesday, June 22, 2011

G.VIII: Found

One misty dawn break in the middle of nowhere, there was a village shrouded in mist.

And while this small village is still asleep, a door creaked cautiously and a young girl gingerly stepped out of the warm house.

She walked along the path of her sleeping neighborhood, humming to herself. The sight of blooming flowers and rustles of tree leaves greet her with the passing of a chilly breeze.

The weather hasn't shown a good sign for a few days now. So she thought of tending to her vegetables garden while she still can, and maybe harvest some mushrooms and ground tomatoes that had flourished.

But then a strange sight caught her eyes.

She noticed that her neighbor's cart in the middle of the field, broke apart. While she was wondering to herself what could have happened, she immediately saw that there's someone sprawled on the ground right beside where the cart wheel fell.

Could it be her neighbor?

Without much thought, she paced straight ahead to see if the person was alright.

Only to find out that it was a stranger. A total stranger in the most strangest clothes she has ever seen.

She stood shocked for a moment, seeing that butterflies were hovering over him and that ants were crawling on his skin. - She's standing right next to a corpse! Who is this man? What had happened to him?

But before her mind raced with more panic questions, the man moaned and shivered slightly. Still deeply unconscious.

The girl let out a heavy sigh. She was half relieved and half surprised that the stranger was actually alive.

Carried by the strong winds, heavy clouds loomed over the village, ready to pour. There isn't much time to get help from the village. And even if she did, it will be raining in a minute. The man would be worse than he is right now if he's drenched.

As she was thinking of just sprinting back to the village, a lightning strike at some point. And all of a sudden, bright light cloaked around her, almost as blinding as the sun rays but it only lasted for a few moments before she could react.

As she blinked her eyes open, she was already in her house! Along with the unconscious stranger!

The cloak of light subsided in a flash. And yet, she stood speechless. Motionless. Eyes gawking at the stranger. Thinking, if this man caused that unexplained phenomenon she just experienced.

She shook in alert, and fear started to grow inside of her...

But was quickly brushed away when the globe of tiny light over her shoulder beamed softly. It seemed to be telling her not to be scared.

"Oh, you did that?" she looked relieved now. "Oh, thank goodness! - But how did you..."

Her question was cut short by a thunder roll. It had already started to rain outside.

"Let's get him on the bed first," she said, putting her question on hold. "It's freezing."