Wednesday, December 1, 2010

G.II: Wrong Side of the Bed

For a couple of days now, Geo had been toiling hard around the work table. Determined to finally get something to turn his life around; he believed - by changing his attitude and perspective towards circumstances, he could get around anything if he wanted to.

Time Machine. - Those were the two words that had been lingering in his head like a spell now. He was convinced that him being handy, which is the only thing he's good at, was not mere coincidence in why he is where he is today.

Not that he knows anything about building a time machine though. But that didn't stop Geo from trying. He'll do anything to understand his grandmother's secrets... why she was a witch and such.

He did everything on his inventions. - Wielding.

Screwing. Bolting. Nutting.


Although it didn't go well with him being clumsy and all.

Yes, he did moan in pain...

But nothing was going to stop him.

Visiting the junkyard for scrap metals and rubbers was something he had to get used to from now on. This was the only place where other man's trash is another man's treasure.

Geo could sure use some unwanted spare parts. He wasn't picky at that.

"Gah!" he jumped in disgust.

He later realized he wasn't the only one salvaging the junkyard. Big fat red roaches outnumbered him. Clearly, the junkyard is their territory.

But that didn't stop him too.

There was this one time he got careless and accidentally set himself on fire...

And almost died roasted in his own backyard.

But because things like this had happened before, he knew how to save his own butt.

So in order to avoid future minor burns (yes, he predicted that based on past experiences), Geo set up a shower right beside the work table. He was sure this time he will be more prepared to prevent mishaps, and continued tinkering.

But then when his mechanical piece blew off in a short circuit and electrocuted him, he didn't see it coming. So finding himself still alive and breathing appalled him.

"Who am I kidding?!" he grumbled under his breath, staring at the smoke fuming out of the junk he'd been working on. "I can never get anything done! NEVER AT ALL!"

Angered, he stomped away from the table and went inside. Grumbling god-knows-what.

Yet, as he sat at the edge of his bed, wondering why on earth he made himself believe that his life could ever be changed just by building a time machine.... his eyes caught the culprit for his demise.

The tome.

The tome!

How could he have forgotten about the tome? Ever since he read the instructions about the time machine, it was the only thing that stuck in his head. He hadn't even bothered reading the rest of it yet.

His hopes returned once again. He had been sleeping in the wrong side of the bed the whole time, blinding him from seeing the answers that lies in front of him. Making him go through ordeals without directions, and not to mention, facing unfortunate situations one after another.

This time, things were going to change for real. And he's gonna do that by changing not only his attitude and perspectives, he also have to change which side of the bed he should wake up on.

He reminds himself to read the tome first thing in the morning. For now, he needs to rest his aching body in a slumber.

And that was the week being in Geo's shoes.