Friday, September 24, 2010

1.20 A Decade of Distant

A few months later, their new house's construction had completed.

Connor had have it built at the corner of their land as he and Ashton were still planning on a bigger house to be in the middle when they have sufficient finances in the future. Although this house is a lot more spacious than their first, it is just for the time being.

By the time they moved in, it was also just in time for Jesse's first birthday.

And Connor looked forward for this day. It was his son's birthday afterall! And was yet another chance for him to call up his brother to invite him over. They hadn't seen each other for like 10years!

Connor thought things between them might have already cooled off.

"Hello, Jared," Connor greeted. "It's me."

"What do you want?" said a mean voice on the other line.

"It's my son Jesse's birthday next Friday night," Connor explain patiently. He's used to the way Jared talk. It was his brother's nature. "I'd really appreciate it if you would come, and celebrate with us as a family, and - "

"Bah!" Jared growled. "You and your stupid family, has got nothing to do with me!"

As Jared burst out in hateful words, he also burst in a series of coughs. Choking.

"Jared... please, we both aren't getting any younger," Connor, knowing how his brother had aged, was a little concerned with Jared's condition. "I really want to put this behind us, and gather together as a whole family. - How long are you gonna hate us? It's been ten years..."

"For all I know, you're the one to break the family, and follow that woman!" Jared replied full of spiteful anger. "I will never go see your family even if I lie on my death bed with nobody around! And stop calling me as if I needed it!"

"Fine!" Connor uttered in disbelief rather than hurt. "I'll never call you again."

"But if you'd ever want to visit us, you know where we live," Connor continued. "And I bet you know my kids birthdays as well, if you feel like celebrating with your niece and nephew, -"

Jared hung up on him before he could finish. Connor just heaved a heavy sigh.


Friday came and there was no sign of Jared.

Connor once again only had his step brother coming to make things merrier. That alone, makes Connor grateful even though they were not actually blood related.

Then again, Martha's condition was getting a little far off as the days go by, she insisted on helping Hayden blow the candles. As a godmother, it is an honor for her to do so.

Connor and Ashton didn't want to break the old woman's heart by telling her it's baby Jesse. At least, not on this merry day.

So they both just let Martha enjoy her second honor.

"Hey, bronnor," Cyclone laughed when Jesse grew up. "Don't he looked just like you when you were that tiny?"

"But pink hair!" Cyclone continued in guffaws as if that was a punch line.

No one bothered with Cyclone's joke. He's a terrible comedian after all.

Everybody was very happy to welcome toddler Jesse, although Martha end up pretty confused for the whole night.