Thursday, September 16, 2010

1.18 Of Having It All Together

With the addition of little Hayden to the Vanglorious house, Connor and Ashton showered her with so much love and attention.

Despite having to wake up at 3am in the morning, to them, hearing the cries and giggles of their own baby was a cherished ring to their ears.

And it had never crossed their mind to have someone else babysit Hayden, but after realizing that Ashton's maternity leave was about to end, this new parents were facing a problem.

They didn't want to have to rely on the babysitting service. But after much thought, Connor and Ashton found a better way to solve their issue.

So one day, Ashton went to meet her old friend, Martha.

"My, what a beautiful bundle of joy!" exclaimed the elder who cooed at the sight of Hayden. "Congratulations, darling."

"Martha, there is a favor I'd like to ask of you," Ashton seemed hopeful.

"Oh, anything for you, Ashton," Martha replied. "Ask away, darling."

"Well, Connor and I would like you to be Hayden's godmother," Ashton excitedly requested.

"Really?!" the old lady broke in unexpected joy. "This is such a big decision. Are you sure you want me for this? Me?"

"We're very sure," Ashton smiled assuringly. "Besides, we need someone we can trust to help us raise her up. And you're the only person we can think of. So what do you say?"

"Oh, Ashton darling, that is such an honor," she accepted. "Thank you for letting this old spinster be part of your little one's life."

"Our pleasure," she chuckled at Martha's exaggeration of herself. "Do come by as often as you want."

"I most definitely will," she beamed.

In Martha's whole life, she really looked forward to have a lovely bond with someone special, but somehow along the years, that bond was so hard to come by. And now that the Vanglorious family had called her to be part of their daughter's life, she thought this was much better than what she had always wished for.

For once, Martha felt so fulfilled.


Connor on the other hand, had been working hard on his novel and when he finally published it, Milkspill became a bestseller and he suddenly found himself receiving 4k a week in royalties! It was a breakthrough.

Although Ashton could not attend Connor's book signing ceremony because she had to take care of the baby, she was very much proud of his achievements.

"Your number one fan has a surprise for you," she smiled seductively. "But before you come to bed, say goodnight to Hayden, okay?"

"Really," he gazed. "Then I won't be long."

"How's my little girl," he held his sleeping daughter close. "Long day,huh? Me too."

"But guess what?" he softly whispered to her little ear. "Daddy will be home all the time from now on. Are you happy?"

Still in slumber, Hayden somehow answered in little baby grunts.

"I know, I love you too," Connor tucked her back into the crib. "Sweet dreams, Hayden."

"Have I told you how much I love you yet?" Connor asked his wife once they were in bed.

"Yes, honey," she replied. "You do that everyday."

"But have I showed you today how much I love you?" he locked his eyes on hers.

"No," her eyes gleamed. "So I think now is the right time to do so."


After eighteen months of changing dirty diapers and waking up at irregular hours, Connor and Ashton were very happy with how well Hayden is growing.

Hayden's skin started to look rosier despite the fair complexion, and she's somewhat a dark pink brunette.

Although having inherited the green eyes and wavy hair from Connor, he said Hayden looks so much like Ashton.

Now that Connor had been recognized as a professional author in the industry, he works at home all the time, writing up another novel to hit the bestsellers line and spending quality time with his girls.

Looking at her family one weekend, Ashton was thinking how time flies and somehow wondered how fast Hayden is growing up.

Ashton also realized that she's starting to age, because the hints of wrinkles on her face don't lie. One day she will be as old as Martha and Hayden would be a lovely young lady when she grows up, and that soon enough, she will have a family of her own too.

Ashton was even more glad to know that when that happens, she definitely won't be alone in the days to come. To grow old with the one you love was more than reassuring for her. It was something she and Connor always looked forward to; to be together for the rest of their lives.

For now, teaching Hayden to walk and talk will be their next challenge. She seemed to be more interested in chewing her toys rather than playing them. To nurture their daughter, they both know they needed a lot of patience in hand.

When Martha comes to visit her goddaughter, she always brings along her homemade pizza for treats. She used to be a chef in the Italian bistro downtown before she retired. Pizzas were her specialty.

Plus nobody could deny how awesome Martha's pizzas are. Especially since she used her own homegrown ingredients.

And to Martha, holding Hayden in her arms just lights up her eyes.

Martha had been really grateful to be part of her life and seeing her grow up so much brings joy in her old heart. Unlike Hayden's parents, Martha had the privilege to spoil and shower the little one with all the attention she needs.

And having days to spend out with your family makes Ashton feel warm and fuzzy. There is not one day the Vanglorious family ever take for granted. Not even a day.

Precious moments are meant to be shared together at all times.

Especially on important days.

Such as birthdays. - Connor had always been trying to invite Jared to come ever since Hayden was born, but he never showed up nor called back. He was still mad at Connor for marrying Ashton.

But there is one brother that Connor can always count on, and that was his almost stepbrother, Derek, who is also known as Cyclone.

Rain or shine, he's always there to crash a party.

Hayden was growing up so quick and the Vanglorious couple could not imagine how the parenting would be like in this next phase. But one thing for sure, they are going to go through it hand in hand, as they always have.

It was such a priceless moment to see their little daughter blow her birthday candles...

...And enjoying the party held especially for her.

"Didn't I tell you that Hayden is just like you?" Connor reminded Ashton during the party. "She could finish a whole cake."

And Ashton can't deny that.

Her cravings from her pregnant days were finally showing it's result.


Connor and Ashton were really thrilled to finally be able to enroll Hayden in school.

And Hayden was really happy to be exposed in a new environment. After all, she loves the outdoor, and going places was what she enjoys doing.

Her parents gave her all sorts of advice and precautions before she steps up into the school bus.

"Stop it, mom," Hayden giggled. "I'll be late for school."

And she went up the bus, waving at her parents as the bus drove off towards the town.

Hayden is actually a bright student in her class, but somehow, she liked the attention she gets from her family that she often have her mom or dad to help her with homework and all, even though she already know how to solve the questions.

So far, her parents haven't figured her trick yet.


Yet another year went by, and Ashton is now pregnant with their second child.

Connor gazed at his two lovely ladies as he was writing.

With another child on the way, Connor decides to work more harder on this third novel and give all his best to make another bestseller.

With the royalty money, he plans to build a bigger house to accommodate this growing family. And although it was a stressing task; to juggle the responsibility of a father and a breadwinner, Connor believed he's able to mold that future into reality.

After all, he's not on his own.

Ashton is always there to support him. It is their journey as a family. This is his life now. And for that, Connor dedicated his all for the happiness of his wife and children.