Monday, August 23, 2010

1 1.8 Words Unexpressed

- 6.40pm
Connor arrives at bistro.
Reads his book while he waits.

- 6.52pm
Ashton steps out of the cab.
Connor went to greet her.

I heard them exchanged hellos, a little shy as expected.
Ashton said something like, I can't believe we're doing this.
And Connor was like, I'm glad to see you.
Way to go ol' boy!
Ashton smiled when she said, Me too.

Heard him said, You look nice.
Heard her sheepishly replied, Thank you.

- 6.53pm
They got to their table.

Gawd, ol' boy! Edward Poley would pull the seat for her!
He definitely lacks that gentleman skills. Can't help it.
Let's just give him a chance. It's his first date.

- 7.04pm
They both ordered something common from the menu.
Too common that it slipped my mind.

I heard Connor asking Ashton about how is she settling up here.
Ashton mentioned about her little house, renovations, garden patch and apple trees.

Apple trees?
She had apple trees already?
Oh, wait. I forgot. She's somekinda fertilizer chemist now.
My bad.

Ashton then asked Connor about hiking locations he would suggest.
Good girl, ask him more about his works.
He'll have more to talk about.
Connor said something about Shang Simla.

I don't get what he's saying mostly.
I never paid attention in Geography class anyway.
Ashton seemed to be interested in everything he said.
Right. That's all that matters.

- 7.21pm
That's it? Nothing else to talk or ask about?
C'mon, gimme a break!

They are now shifting their attention anywhere else except to themselves.
I think they're staring at other people dining.
Geez, how can waiting for your dinner be this awkward?

C'mon, ol' boy ask about her work. Garden. Whatever!
Don't just let her sit there like that.
Dude, say something!

Oh, good!
He's looking at her.
I wonder what is he thinking now.

Ashton is a little nervous.
She's smiling at other people.

*♫♪~! ♫♪~! ♫♪♪~♫♪♪~!*

Oh, shit! My phone's ringing.
Lemme just jot this, - 7:28pm.


- 8:16pm
Good, they're still there.
Can't believe my boss called me at this hour to do a photo shoot.
Darn it! I wish I knew what I missed with these two.

What?! Why did they changed their table?
What happened?
Argh! I hate not knowing things!

Seems like they're done with dinner.
I can't believe Connor is still sipping his soup! Such a slowpoke.
Waitta minute, is that curry?

Gawd, it is curry!
I hate curry.

Ashton still looked nervous. She's looking at the surroundings now.
She sees some people having fluid conversations.
I bet she wished Connor and her had that kinda conversation too.

Man, what is taking him so long!
Ashton is watching him finishing his curry now.
So not macho.

I wonder if they talked during dinner.
That might have been the reason why they are not talking now.
I'm currently regretting agreeing to fill in for that photo shoot.
Can't believe I got paid for missing this.

Wait, I'd better switch off my phone now.

- 8:23pm
Connor gets the bill.
He insisted.

- 8:25pm
They stood to leave now.
Good girl, Ashton, walk closer to him.

OMG. Could you guys not whisper?
So what if the other diners could hear you?

I can't hear them.
Seriously, they should talk a lil' louder.

They're both smiling, looking away, looking at each other.
Looking at the other looking away.
I hope this wasn't the pattern they had all night.
But smile is good.

Could this date end with a kiss? They're close enough.
C'mon, ol' boy, what are you waiting for?
Kiss her lips!

Darn it. They're walking out now.

- 8:29pm
Why is he stopping a cab?
Oh, I forgot his truck went to the workshop.

Good, he stopped the cab for her.
Now that's gentleman, ol' boy.
So he does know a thing or two.

- 8:31pm
Heard Ashton said, Thanks, Connor. I really enjoyed tonight.
Where did that 'really' of her's come from?
From the dinner time that I missed?

Well, I hope it's from the dinner time that I missed.
I barely saw anything before and after!

Heard Connor said, Thank you too. I had a great time.
Okay, I am officially mad at my boss now. Seriously.
Darn phone call.


"CTRL+S," he said to himself as he saved the latest entry to his journal.

Cyclone stretched and yawned at his completed task. He looks around the park, appreciating the solace of the night. It's already 11pm, Sunset Valley is asleep and he's right here working with his laptop under the bright lamppost of Central Park.

He was writing a digital version of what he had written on a piece of paper during his spy. He had been doing much of that lately. Nobody knows what is he up to, in fact, nobody really knows that he's up to something.

As to why he was spying on the date and writing about it, still remains a secret.

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